Crunchyroll Games Announces Pre-registration for “Mass for the Dead” Game Based on the Anime “Overlord.”

Today (March, 31, 2020), Crunchyroll Games, the interactive division of the world’s most popular anime brand, is announcing that pre-registration is now open for “Mass for the Dead,” an Isekai Dark Fantasy mobile RPG. “Mass for the Dead” is based on the popular dark fantasy anime “Overlord.” This game will feature turn-based command battles, capture quests, competitions alongside friends, double speed and auto-mode capabilities to battle against enemies. All players who pre-registered will receive rewards when they install the game. Every time the number of pre-registrations increases, the number of rewards [chaotic stones] will also increase and everyone will receive a maximum of 1,0000 stones to summon your favorite “Overlord” characters. The game will be available in the following locations: North America, Oceania, and Europe (including the UK). It will be available on iOS and Android. The new game, which is slated to launch in 2020, is a part of Crunchyroll’s broader commitment to building out a full slate of 360-degree experiences to deepen the community’s engagement with their favorite shows.

For those not familiar with Overlord the story is as follows, in the year 2126, a Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or DMMORPG called Yggdrasil was released, standing out among all other DMMORPGs due to its unusually high ability for the player to interact with the game. After an intense twelve year run the game servers are about to be shut down. Within the game exists a guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, once consisting of 41 members and credited as one of the strongest guilds in the game. Now only 4 of the members remain, the other 37 having quit the game, and only one, an elder lich character named Momonga, continues to play as the guild leader, maintaining their headquarters in The Great Tomb of Nazarick. In the minutes before the shutdown he invites the remaining guild members, but of those only one appears and only for a short while before leaving. While saddened by this, he accepts the reality that his friends have their other lives to take care of and decides to stay logged in until the servers shut down.

When the shut-down time arrives, Momonga finds that the game hasn’t vanished; instead, it appears as if Yggdrasil has been recreated as its own reality along with its various NPCs having been brought to life. Momonga has been trapped in the form of his game avatar, leaving him unable to use the normal player functions such as General Message, or even to log out. With no other option, Momonga sets out to learn if anyone from the real world is also in this new world with him. Taking on the name of Ainz Ooal Gown, a message to any other players, Momonga begins exploring the world in an attempt to figure out what has happened while searching for anyone or anything that could help him solve this mystery, while ensuring the safety of Nazarick. Ainz Ooal Gown seems to have modifications made to his behavior by in-game mechanics, because he demonstrates no moral qualms with killing and other actions that are taboo in the real world. This is a story about the psychology of a creature beyond ethical concerns with near-limitless power.

The anime which consists of 3 seasons with 13 episodes each ran from July 7, 2015 to October 2, 2018, two compilation anime films recapping the events from the first season were released in Japan on February 25, 2017, and March 11, 2017, respectively.

All 3 seasons of Overlord are available to watch on Crunchyroll –

You can pre-register for the game here –

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