Crunchyroll Games in Partnership With Viz Media Launches RPG Brawler “Grand Alliance”

Today, Crunchyroll Games, the interactive division of the world’s most popular anime brand, is announcing the launch of “Grand Alliance,” an original, anime-inspired RPG Brawler.

– This game will be published in partnership with VIZ Media, a leading pop-culture publisher, and produced by Gaudium, an anime game developer.

– “The publishing of ‘Grand Alliance’ represents a new step for Crunchyroll Games, as this is our first title not based on existing IP or known storyline,” said Terry Li, head of 360 and general manager of Games at Crunchyroll. “As part of this experimental foray, we have created a rich, compelling world with VIZ Media and Gaudium and we can’t wait for new fans to start exploring.”

– The story of “Grand Alliance” follows Amelia, the last surviving princess of the empire, as she aims to unite a nation torn apart by strife after her family’s assassination.

– The core gameplay revolves around squad-based combat where players can organize a team of three heroes with customization skills to fight large hordes of enemies in real-time combat.

– Players can collect over 30 heroes across the four different class types – warrior, skirmisher, gunner, mage – to build the most powerful squad for combat based on their stats and skillset.

– This game features an equippable skill collection system, that allows deep customization of heroes’ combat abilities. In addition to their inherent skills, each hero can equip two additional collectible skills and swap those anytime before a battle.

– With over 90,000 pre-registrants, each player who pre-registered will receive 25,000 Gold, 25 of each class emblem, 1,250 free Gems, Tier 5 skill Gravity Bomb, and their first hero – Clarissa, a secret agent who serves House Courcillon.

– New players will also be granted a seven-day login calendar and receive another hero, Daisy, the rebel militia fighter and warrior who loves smashing things with her mighty hammer.

– Andrew Yang, CEO at Gaudium shares, “We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Crunchyroll and VIZ Media to get ‘Grand Alliance’ out to the world. The development team has poured their hearts into making this game fun and exciting for anime fans and mobile gamers alike. With Crunchyroll at the helm, we’re sure it will get into the hands of many passionate gamers who will fall in love with the world of ‘Grand Alliance’.”

– This game will feature a mix of established and up and coming voice actors including Aleks Le (“Rent-A-Girlfriend”), Cristina Vee (“Tower of God,” “In/Spectre”), Erika Harlacher (“High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!” “Violet Evergarden”), Faye Mata (“Konosuba,” “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”), J. Michael Tatum (“My Hero Academia”), Kaiji Tang (“Megalo Box”), and Lauren Landa (“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” “Sailor Moon”) alongside Bella Sapphire, Blythe Hospelhorn, Mela Lee, Phil Song and Wiley Bottcher.

– The game will be available worldwide outside of Asia.
– iOS:
– Android:

The launch of this new game is a part of Crunchyroll’s broader commitment to building out a full slate of 360-degree experiences to deepen the community’s engagement with their favorite shows.